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2013 Kermode Bear

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About 2013 Kermode Bear

Also known as a ‘Spirit Bear’, this rare creamy white bear is often mistaken as a polar bear but is a sub species of the American Black Bear and lives in the central and north coast of British Columbia, Canada. It was Manxman Francis Kermode, who was the second curator of the Provincial Museum of Victoria, British Columbia, who established the fact that this unusual bear was an American grizzly with a genetic defect. He did so after the first live specimen to be caught was entrusted to him. This led to the bear being known as Ursus Kermodia – the Kermode Bear. Because of their spirit-like appearance, these bears hold an important place in stories passed down from the Native Americans and Canadian First Nations which lived in the area.

The population of the Kermode Bear is estimated at 400 to 1,000 individuals and it is thought they have survived due to the fact that they were known as ‘Spirit Bears’ and therefore the First Nations never hunted or mentioned them to fur trappers.

The design on the coin features an adult Kermode Bear sitting near water with her two playful cubs. The coin is Cupro Nickel and ships in a plush hard-shelled collectors box.

This stunning coin is also available with a delightfully cute plush white bear to enhance the beauty of these magnificent animals.