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2016 Silver Coin Exclusive Collection - Coin Year Set

Coin Year Set
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Technical details
  • 31.12.2016
  • Fabrica Nacional de la Moneda
  • 4 x Silver Coins
  • 13 x 13 x 3,5 cm
About 2016 Silver Coin Exclusive Collection

Exclusive product, sold only through the Philatelic Mail channel.

A selection of coins that represents some of the most transcendental historical events of 2016.

The FNMT makes a special jewelery case, with a specific design, chosen by Correos to contain the four coins, which is delivered with its corresponding certificates of authenticity. With the guarantee of the FNMT.

The case contains the following coins:

1. Third centenary of the birth of Carlos III

On the back it shows the portrait of Carlos III, with mantle of Grand Master, according to the work of Mariano Salvador Maella that is conserved in the Royal Palace, on the right, shows Madrid with an image of the Puerta de Alcalá, on it the figure 300 is shown and above a Flower of Lis.

2. 300th anniversary of CORREOS

On the back, inside a circle in the central part of the piece, the logo of the Post is shown, surrounded by allegorical motives to the postal service. Circumscribing all the reasons, in capital letters, the legend THIRD CENTENARY OF POSTAL AND TELEGRAPH.

3. Olympic Games RIO 2016. Spanish Olympic Team

On the back, at the top of the coin, a scene is played with several Greek athletes performing different sporting modalities; above, in a circular direction, parallel to the molding, a greca. In the center of the coin, between two horizontal lines, the coat of arms of the Spanish Olympic Committee in color.

4. IV Centenary of the Death of Miguel de Cervantes

On the reverse there is an image of the statue of Cervantes that is in the Plaza de las Cortes of Madrid, to the right, the mark of Juan de la Cuesta, printer of the first edition of Don Quixote and other works of Cervantes are shown.

The four coins show a the portrait of His Majesty King Don Felipe VI, wearing Captain General insignia.


Coins of 8 reales, approved by Ministerial Orders. SILVER 925 thousandths. Face value € 10. Weight 27 g. Diameter 40 mm. Striated corner. Quality proof.

SILVER 925 thousandths. Face value € 10. Weight 27 g. Diameter 40 mm. Striated corner. Quality proof.