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Tricentenary Case -Silver coin + stamps - Silver Coin

Silver Coin
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  • 31.12.2016
  • 21,5 x 17,5 x 4 cm
  • 70 €
About Tricentenary Case -Silver coin + stamps

Product designed to commemorate the tricentennial of Post 1716-2016

In 2016, thePostal State and Telegraph Society celebrates three hundred years of existence as a public institution (1716-2016). With the motive of this tricentennial there have been different actions and various products intended to commemorate this event, which show the three centuries of postal and telegraphic life of the entity.

It presents a luxury case that contains both philatelic and numismatic, certified and numbered elements that enhance its value.

Contents of the case:

- Philatelic document with texts related to the ephemeris and to each of the three centuries. It includes the THREE STAMPS (in sheet format) commemorative of the tricentennial, one per centuria, which highlights the most relevant events since the creation of CORREOS as a public service until today and how this institution has been performing the work entrusted, adapting to every age and every circumstance.

First century (1716-1816): Royal Post Office in the Puerta del Sol

Second century (1816-1916): The telegraph

Third century (1916-2016): Information and communication technologies applied by mail

- Tricentennial coin in SILVER 925 thousandths. Face value € 10. Weight 27 g. Diameter 40 mm. Striated corner. Quality proof. Specially designed by the National Currency and Stamp Factory to perpetuate this commemoration. With your certificate of authenticity.