Bride & Groom 2018 Heart Shaped Silver Tokelau Coins - Silver Coin

Silver Coin
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Technical details
  • 25.04.2018
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  • 999 Silver
  • 20g
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  • 40mm
  • NZD 1.00
About Bride & Groom 2018 Heart Shaped Silver Tokelau Coins

Bride & Groom This gorgeous coin features a silhouette of a couple on their wedding day, dressed in their finery, with the bride's wedding gown gilded in 9999 gold. The intricate detail of her gown flows over her husband's suit so that they seem to blend together, reinforcing the idea of the "two becoming one" on this special day. Red roses, printed in colour, denote true and passionate love, finish off the design. The coin is a limited edition from Tokelau, struck to the highest proof quality from 20g fine silver. A perfect choice for a wedding or anniversary gift. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is depicted on the obverse of the coin which is legal tender of Tokelau.