Set of 2017 circulation coins proof - wooden case - Coin Year Set

Coin Year Set
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  • 01.07.2017
  • Czech Mint
  • 456g
About Set of 2017 circulation coins proof - wooden case

Classical circular coins with nominal values ​​of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 CZK are minted in a "standard" quality. Their entire surface is matte and resistant to damage, which ensures long durability. Czech metal tender, however, is not only a means of exchange - many people appreciate the artistic processing, and therefore add them to their numismatic collections. For this reason, a set of circular coins with exceptional quality "proof" originates in the Czech Mint.

The "proof" quality is characterized by a mirrored glossy surface and matte relief. This attractive contrast effect is achieved by the special surface treatment of mintage tools. At the beginning of the "proofing" process, the mintage surface is polished with special aids and a diamond paste. After that the mintage is covered with a special tape. Some parts of the relief remain dull where the proofmaker carefully cuts and removes the tape. They work under a microscope and apply this technique to the finest detail. Varying courses of sand which make the exposed parts of the relief dull is applied to the masked mintage. Finally, the remaining tape preserving the selected parts of the relief polished is removed.

The complete set includes six circular coins plus a commemorative medal of pure silver. This mintage was inspired by Oldřich Kulhánek's old banknote of 20 CZK and is dedicated to Přemysl Otakar I. Whilethe obverse side is dominated by a portrait of the Czech ruler, the reverse side bears the royal crown, the decorative gothic ribbon and the seal of the Golden Bull of Sicily - a document that provided the Přemysl family with a hereditary claim to the Czech King title.

Packaging in the form of a luxurious wooden etui contains a numbered certificate from the State Printing Works of Securities.