Aries 0.5g Gold Proof Tokelau Coin - Gold Coin

Gold Coin
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Technical details
  • 16.01.2015
  • 9999 Gold
  • 0.5g
  • Diameter: 11mm
  • NZD 5.00
About Aries 0.5g Gold Proof Tokelau Coin

2015 Aries 0.5g Gold Proof Tokelau Coin

Expand your coin collection and enjoy the exquisite design of the 2015 Aries 0.5g Gold Proof Tokelau Coin. This gold coin masterpiece embodies the astrological sign of Aries in a distinct cameo above a mirrored field displaying the constellation’s arrangement in the sky. Aries the Ram is crafted in fine detail, revealing the subtle sculpting of muscle, fleece and horn growth. The constellation Aries is drawn behind the impressive ram. The obverse side of this collectible coin bears a cameo of the Tokelau monarch, Queen Elizabeth II.

The story of Jason and the Argonauts features the mystical Aries; it was this golden fleece that Jason sought to become King of Thessaly.

In astrology, Aries the Ram is the leader of the fire signs, and those born under this sign are leaders themselves. They know how to initiate projects and inspire those around them to complete tasks. The Aries is full of high energy, always positive, and can overcome virtually any obstacle.

If you know someone who fits this description, this coin may make a perfect gift for them. You may need to purchase two of these collector coins so that you will have one for your own collection.

Incorporate this magnificent coin in your coin collection, adding it others like the Big Horned Ram or other coins from the Tokelau Coins series.

Please note that the picure is for display purpose only - gift box not included.