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30th Anniversary of Hizzy’s 120mph Lap Collection - Coin Card

Coin Card
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  • 31.05.2019
About 30th Anniversary of Hizzy’s 120mph Lap Collection

Inspired by watching the 1983 TT Steve Hislop, a 21-year-old from the Border town of Hawick decided to focus his life on mountain course racing. He entered that years Manx Grand Prix, gaining second place in the Junior Newcomers event and was the first rider to push the lap record beyond 120mph on a Honda in 1989. The TT favourite notched his first of 11 wins in the 1987 Formula 2 race and gave Norton its first TT vitctory for 19 years in the breathtaking 1992 Senior.

Steve Hislop died in July 2003 when he was 41.

We are honoured to mark Steve Hislop's incredible acheivements with this stamp and coin collection. Included is two brand new uncirculated £2 coins along with a stamp taken from our TT Winners collection. The text featured within has been written by respected TT author and island resident Bill Snelling.

This limited edition gift pack is limited to only 1,000 worldwide, each individually numbered.