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ISLE OF MAN - The Prince Philip Memorial BU 50p Set - Coin Card

Coin Card
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Technical details
  • 30.09.2021
  • Obverse: Jody Clark Reverse: Luigi Badia
  • Cupro-Nickel
  • 8g
  • 27.3mm
About ISLE OF MAN - The Prince Philip Memorial BU 50p Set

To mark the life and achievements of the late Duke of Edinburgh, HRH Prince Philip, a brand new set of British Isles 50p coins have just been released.

This set contains six 50p coins, each struck to a Brilliant Uncirculated finish. Every coin features a specially commissioned unique portrait of HRH Prince Philip to mark the life of the well-loved Prince on the reverse by sculptor Luigi Badia.

Each coin in this set features a portrait of Philip across the decades of his service as royal consort - charting the life of the Prince from the 1950s when he first entered public service through the decades to the Prince as we knew him in his later life.

Importantly, each of these 50p coins have been fully approved by Buckingham Palace and are the perfect tribute to Prince Philip, and a fantastic heirloom for you and your family to remember this iconic Royal figure.