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Queen Elizabeth II & Queen Victoria Crown - Commemorative

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  • 30.04.2013
  • Cupro-Nickel
About Queen Elizabeth II & Queen Victoria Crown

Only two monarchs in British history have ever celebrated a Diamond Jubilee – Queen Victoria and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. This year, 2013, marks the anniversary of both Coronations, the 175th Anniversary for Queen Victoria’s Coronation and the 60th Anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s Coronation.

To commemorate both these amazing achievements, the Isle of Man has approved the release of a superb new coin which carries a double portrait of Queen Victoria and her great, great grand-daughter, Queen Elizabeth II. In addition, the obverse of the coin features a unique double effigy of Queen Elizabeth II. The first effigy is an up-to-date image of Her Majesty, while the second is based on a portrait that first appeared on coins at the start of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign