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Old Crafts - Potter

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About Old Crafts - Potter

This year, Correos issues a new series dedicated to the old trades. This series is inaugurated by one of the oldest trades in the history of mankind, pottery and, to honor it, the stamp is dedicated to the ceramics of Talavera.

It is presented in a new Premium Pliego and has the characteristic of being printed on a paper with textured ceramic.

From the beginning of time, man needed utensils that would make life easier for him. For this reason, probably arose the occupation of potter, which consists of making objects of clay.

This activity and its products have always been an object of admiration, and this is demonstrated by the many works of art of different painters such as Velázquez, Goya or Murillo, also Zurbarán or Romero de Torres, who included some pottery motif in many of their creations.

The pottery takes us to the ceramics, and concretely, the protagonist of this emission, the well-known ceramics of Talavera.

It is known as Cerámica de Talavera, a type of ceramic that is made in the city of Talavera de la Reina, with materials from the Tagus River such as mud, kaolin and different and beautiful enamels.

It is used to make dinnerware, fountains, wall murals and other ornamental elements.
The city, has a quality brand that makes its pottery products different from the rest, is called “Marca de Calidad Talavera Cerámica”.

These products are known all over the world and, in addition to being purchased, can be enjoyed at the Museo de Cerámica Ruiz de Luna.

This museum is located in the city of Toledo and was created by the Spanish ceramist Juan Ruiz de Luna, as a deposit of his private collection. After his death, it was ceded to the town hall of the town.

With this stamp, which presents hands working the mud and a decorated jar, Correos intends to start a tribute to all trades that came to make life easier, wrapped by art and good work.