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Princes and Princesses of Monaco Exhibition in CHINA

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About Princes and Princesses of Monaco Exhibition in CHINA

Having unveiled the splendour of the Forbidden City of Monaco last summer, this year the Grimaldi Forum is exporting to China the "Princes and Princesses of Monaco, A European Dynasty (from the Thirteenth to the Twenty-First Centuries)". This exhibition will trace more than 700 years of the Grimaldi family's history, and will run from 7th September to 11th November 2018 at the Meridian Gate of the Forbidden City. The main hall will be fitted out just like the PRince's Palace. The second hall will be designed as a wedding hall and will display priceless crowns and jewels. H.S.H. Prince Albert II's private art collection will also be exhibited outside the Palace for the first time, reflecting the Gimaldi family's passion for art.