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2019 Medugorje - 30th Youth Festival

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About 2019 Medugorje - 30th Youth Festival

International youth prayer meeting – Mladifest is the fruit of Our Lady’s apparitions in Međugorje and this year marks 30th anniversary. From year to year the number of young people arriving to Medjugorje rising to find love and comfort in Our Lady.

From 25th June 1981, when six young children on Mount Crnica, in the part called Podbrdo, had an encounter with a woman whom they recognized as Our Lady, for thousands and thousands of pilgrims Međugorje became a meeting place with God. Among them, there are many young people who have organized meetings at Mladifest since 1990. From then till now the number of young people, who come from all parts of the world to celebrate God with prayers and songs, is increasing every year.

30th Mladifest starts on August 1stwith prayer of rosary, evening holy mass and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. It ends on August 6th by holy mass on Mount Križevac at 5 a.m, where in 1934 an eight meter high cross was erected in memory of the 1900th anniversary of Jesus' death.

The motherly goodness of Jesus' mother encourege young people to open themselves to the unconditional love of God and to build better and more beautiful world of future.

(Željka Šaravanja)