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50th Anniversary of the Medieval Representation of the Kingdom of Najera

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About 50th Anniversary of the Medieval Representation of the Kingdom of Najera

In 1968, Justiniano García Prado, a neighbor of Nájera and Professor of History, read his work La Paloma y el Azor, based on the history of the city in the time of King Don García.

The success was such that the reading assistants saw clearly that this text was a great opportunity to publicize the history of Nájera.

A year later, it is decided that the Monastery of Santa María la Real de Nájera is the perfect setting for the representation. After the visit of the director Roberto Carpio to the Cloister of the Knights, the Najerense Chronicle opens on August 14, 1969.

Since then, the show has had different denominations: Najerense Chronicle, The King's Horse, Najerino Codex, Annals of the Najerina Court, Najerenses Evocations, Najera Chronicle or Nájera Kingdom. The medieval representation has been awarded with different awards such as the Golden Cluster in 1970 and awards such as the Declaration of Good of Cultural Interest with the category of intangible character in 2015.

The show offers a complete harmony between the lights and the sound, which make the Plaza del Monasterio de Santa María la Real a spectacular stage that transports us to the Middle Ages, reliving the city's glorious past with more than 200 actors perfectly characterized for the chance. It is 50 years of continuous representations of the Chronicles, a fact that has been possible thanks to the efforts of hundreds of people who from those first times, have been involved so that each year the representation is a success and has become an event that, Apart from the purely artistic, it serves to unite the people of Nájera and make their history and culture known. The folding seal that Correos joins this important celebration, shows a moment of representation with numerous actors on stage. The public is represented by back figures that fold over the seal.