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Tree Leaves, Holly

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About Tree Leaves, Holly

Popularly known for being part of the traditional Christmas decoration, holly (Ilex Aquifolium) is a shrub characteristic for its pointed green leaves and intense vermilion fruits.

Because of its height, which reaches up to 20 meters, it can look like a medium-sized tree, with its straight trunk, pyramidal cut, a dense crown and with branches at the base. Its longevity allows it to live for more than a hundred years.

Its leaves are persistent, alternate, oval in shape and with a strongly spiny edge. The female specimens produce a fruit, the drupe, which acquires a bright red color when it matures towards October or November, remaining in the tree throughout the winter, serving as food for many species, mainly birds, during the hardest season due to lack of food.

Its wood is appreciated in the joinery, as it is used in marquetry, turnery or to make carpenter tools.

Holly is well appreciated in gardening both for the special beauty of leaves and fruits and for the ease with which it can be shaped, when it comes to reproducing geometric figures, within the landscape specialty of the art of the topiary.

The variety of uses of holly has led to excessive harvesting, becoming at risk of extinction, so the species is protected in many European countries.

The seal is stamped with the shape of the sheet and printed in cold foil, giving a special texture to the emission.