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Spanish Cinema - Dogtanian

Miniature Sheet
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About Spanish Cinema - Dogtanian

A fun mini sheet of six stamps featuring the unforgettable star from the Spanish film series Dogtanian (D´Artacán).

This little “muskehound” was the protagonist of a Japanese series that was highly successful in Spain ever since it was first aired on Televisión Española in 1982.

Based on the The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas, this children’s adaptation is narrated by Dogtanian, a dog that dreams of becoming a “muskehound”. When he arrives in Paris, he befriends three other dogs that belong to this group: Porthos, Athos and Aramis. With them, he experiences a thousand adventures fighting the evil Cardinal Richelieu.

He experiences a love story with Juliet, one of the queen’s maidens. He also forms a great friendship with a little mouse called Pip, who is cunning and intelligent, complementing the protagonist, who despite being very courageous is not very smart.

The series was composed of 26 episodes and was broadcast in numerous countries.

With it, many children and young people approached Dumas’ great novel in a way that was more accessible to them.

This character became a point of reference for children's audiences, and also became part of the imaginary world of a generation that grew up with only two television channels.

The stamp depicts Dogtanian holding his sword and with a facial gesture that denotes his characteristic boldness and courage.

Each of the stamps is framed on a representative background from the television series.

The blue sky of Paris, the city’s streets or a wooded landscape where Dogtanian used to train to become part of the illustrious body of the "muskehounds", who fought and defended the king.