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Euromed 2020 - Traditional Gastronomy in the Mediterranean

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About Euromed 2020 - Traditional Gastronomy in the Mediterranean

Cooked food begins in Greece with recipes both simple and complex. However, our long history has put great pressure on the evolution of our cuisine as a result of conquest and especially poverty. Perhaps this poverty gave rise to some great ideas.

Looking through the Greek cooking repertoire, we see that it is dominated by the ubiquitous lamb and goat, mainly roasted on a spit or grilled.

Pies are also made throughout Greece, with various kinds of pastry and rich or humble fillings. They are found everywhere, from north to south and from east to west.

The famous moussaka, Greece’s most emblematic dish, doesn’t exist in any other country the way we make it here. It brings together the West and the East: a French béchamel sauce with a little meat and vegetables.

Finally, with its long coastline, Greece has always loved seafood.

So, with these thoughts, and having searched through our favourite recipes, we have decided to put lamb, pie, moussaka and octopus on the stamps.