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Christmas – Christmas Star

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About Christmas – Christmas Star

A gleaming guide

The design on this special stamp is sure to get you in the Christmas spirit: a Christmas star shining above an idyllic mountain village.

Here we have a typical Austrian mountain village scene in winter: a narrow, pointed church tower; the roofs of the houses covered in snow; dim, crepuscular lighting, and lights burning behind the windows. In the background a mountain panorama can be seen. However, what immediately draws the attention is the bright, gleaming star with its comet’s tail directly above the village — a heavenly body that is exactly how most of us imagine the Star of Bethlehem. According to the Gospel of Matthew, this star led the three wise men from the East to the stable in which Jesus was born. Still today the characteristic “three kings’ star” with its comet’s tail remains a traditional symbol of Christmas in Christian culture.

The atmospheric image conveys an impression of peace and quiet, something which has largely been lost from the Christmas period nowadays. Through the reduced form and colours, the stamp's designer, Roland Vorlaufer, who is also the designer of the nostalgic dispenser stamps, hopes to create a traditional Christmas atmosphere. For his work he uses classic ink and gouache on blue paper. The simple and orderly depiction is essential in small designs such as those for stamps, in order to convey the mood and message at the first glance: wishing you a happy and peaceful Christmas!