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Centenary Of Clown Yuri Nikulin

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About Centenary Of Clown Yuri Nikulin

Born in Demidov in 1921 , Yuri Nikulin is the most famous clown in Russia. Demobilizea in May 1946, with the rank of serjeant ana several military aecorations, he failed at the entrance of several actinp schools. He finally joined the clown training studio at the Moscow Circus where he graduated in 1950. He worked there for more than 50 years and from 1982 until his death in 1997, was the Director of this circus that bears his name today. He also has a cinematopraphic career and offers remarkable performances both in the comeaies of Leonid Gaiaai incluaing he Diamond Arm (1969), a film that has become a cult for several generations of Soviets, and in the dromatic register like When the Trees were Tall (1962) of Andrei Roublev. A television man, he created and hosted the comeay show he White Parrot Club. Nikulin’s effortless style and precise delivery, as well as his mastery of timing made him an outstanding artist, arguably the best Russian comedian ever.