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Talk To The Hand

Miniature Sheet
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First Day Cover
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Presentation Pack
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About Talk To The Hand

On 13 September 2021, PostNL will publish the Talk to the hand stamp sheet of six stamps marked with ‘Internationaal 1’. The stamp sheet has been designed by the graphic designer Bart de Baets from Amsterdam, nominated for the 2020 Dutch Design Award for Communication. The Talk to the hand issue is the third in the Dutch Design series this year. Each year, for this series, PostNL gives winners of prestigious design competitions a free commission to design stamps. They can use their own interests for inspiration, as well as anything that intrigues and influences them. In other words, their personal passions play a leading role. Caleidoscoop (2020) designed by Hansje van Halem and "Gewoontjes" (2019) designed by Michiel Schuurman appeared earlier in this series. The Talk to the hand stamps are marked ‘Internationaal 1', the denomination for items up to 20g in weight destined for delivery outside of the Netherlands.

The title of PostNL's latest stamp sheet Talk to the hand is derived from the expression talk to the hand ('cause the face ain't listening). This expression dates back to the 1990s and originally comes from the American TV series Martin. It means that the person using the expression does not want to listen to the other person. Since then, talk to the hand has become part of street language, street culture and queer culture