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Landscapes - Estany de les Salamandres

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About Landscapes - Estany de les Salamandres

The Paitsatges series is a regular part of the Andorra broadcast program where year after year it allows us to get to know the most unique and characteristic places in the Principality of Andorra.

These are two lakes located in the surroundings of Entor, in the parish of Canillo, halfway to Ibon de la Cabana Sorda if we set our starting point in Ransol, next to Borda Marticella. The approximate time to get there is 4 hours, passing through Lake Querol as the first point of reference. During the tour, if it is spring season, we can see Pyrenean lilies and "grandalles", the national flower of Andorra.

The name of the site could be related to the presence in the area of ​​both common salamanders (salamandra salamandra) and a species native to the Pyrenees, the Pyrenean newt (Calotryton asper), an amphibian that is part of the Salamandrine family. The truth is that the habitat of this endemic species is located mainly in watery areas with few currents and little depth, elements that would be in line with the characteristics of these two lakes.

The stamp is a photograph that captures this environment that constitutes a unique route for hiking.