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Events - Centenary of the Irungo Atsegiña Society

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About Events - Centenary of the Irungo Atsegiña Society

The Ephemerides series dedicates a stamp to the centenary of the Irungo Atsegiña Society established in Irun, coinciding with the celebration of EXFILNA 2022 that is being held in Irun.

In 1920, on the occasion of the San Ramón festivities, the idea of ​​creating a company in Irun was conceived. It will have to wait until March 26, 1922 when the first headquarters of Irungo Atsegiña is inaugurated.

The informal birth of the Society coincided with the fourth centenary of the First Battle of San Marcial (1522). As a result of this fact, several partners made a float that represented the hermitage of San Marcial with the inscription: "1522-1922, PAX" becoming the first motto of the company.

One of the main purposes for which the company was created was the charitable purpose that has been developed throughout much of its history with great contributions to life in Irun. The cultural purpose is also the protagonist, either by bringing gifts to the Irun Asylum Hospital, attending to the Three Wise Men who participate in the parade of the city, but also much more recreational purposes such as the Caldereros troupe, a prelude to the carnival or card championships with its own mus championship: City of Irun tournament.

Remarkable is his important contribution to the Comparsa de Gigantes y Cabezudos.

The Comparsa de Gigantes y Cabezudos of the Irungo Atsegiña Society officially came into their hands in 1937 and even then the documentation indicated that they needed a good restoration. Recent research, although there is little data we have on the origin of these giants, indicates that analyzing the photos that have been found, in the clothing of the people or even in the giants themselves, a style very typical of the end of the S XIX. Therefore, it could be said that these giants, recently restored, could greatly exceed 100 years of age, and could be the oldest in the Basque Country.

The comparsa is made up of 8 giants, in the stamps the figures of the landlord and the landlady and the mayor are collected.

It is difficult to look at the past and not be moved by the call of the giants and big heads since they are one of the oldest and most characteristic representations of local culture and popular folklore.

The city of Irún is a benchmark in giant matter not only because of the great deep-rooted hobby but also because it has the oldest giants that are preserved in the Basque Country.