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Federation Francaise De Cyclotourisme 1923-2023

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About Federation Francaise De Cyclotourisme 1923-2023

In the 19th century, velocipede enthusiasts, then bicycle enthusiasts, were first part of a certain social elite before industrialization enabled as many people as possible to acquire this new means of locomotion, a source of autonomy and of freedom. Ever more numerous, they began to explore the territory and sought to group together in associations.

The Saint-Etienne industrialist Paul de Vivie, known as Vélocio, is involved in the technical development of the machines, and in particular of the derailleur. He organized outings for his friends, published Le Cycliste forézien in 1887, while the Touring Club de France brought together associations eager for the outdoors and tourism. But soon the latter became more interested in motorized tourism and the cyclists organized themselves to found in December 1923 the French Federation of cycle tourism companies.

Vélocio clearly distinguishes between the mode of competition and that of leisure. He advocates a true philosophy of life and effort that inspires generations to this day.

Despite the Second World War, the cycle tourism world continues and is reorganized under the name of the French Cycling Federation.

Approved by the Ministry of Sports, recognized as being of public utility, expert in cycling tourism, involved in education in practice and road safety, in health sports, this federation is now present throughout the territory, including in certain overseas departments.

It offers all bicycle lovers many opportunities to find themselves on roads and paths during walks and stays for soft tourism, whether contemplative or sporting, to discover our territories and our planet.