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Maison Berger Paris 125 Years

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About Maison Berger Paris 125 Years

When designing a process in 1898 to purify the air in hospital rooms, pharmacy technician Maurice Berger was far from imagining the fate that his invention would meet! An innovative concept was born: that of purified air inseparable from an object, the Berger lamp and its famous ceramic burner which, through a patented catalytic diffusion system, destroys unwanted odors and perfumes the atmosphere. From the 1930s, emancipating itself from its primary function as a useful object, the small lamp became a decorative, even collectible, object, driven by the interest of creators and artists of the moment.

Building on this heritage, the Berger lamp has continued to reinvent itself, becoming the most famous interior fragrance in the world. Maison Berger Paris is today a brand, a guarantee of quality and know-how. Talented designers design the collections of bottles and diffusers. The greatest master perfumers in Grasse create the numerous fragrances with floral or fruity notes, fresh or gourmet accords that make its reputation.

Always obeying the same demand for excellence, the legendary Berger lamp has been enriched with a complete range of products (candles, scented bouquets, electric diffusers, etc.) which are characterized by their elegance and olfactory subtlety.

With My Jolie Candle and Ambiances Devineau, Maison Berger has joined the emblematic brands of the Emosia group, which has the most comprehensive offering on the scent market. Based in Normandy, Maison Berger Paris continues its history. A story of tradition and innovation, of French creativity in touch with the times, acclaimed by those who live the sensory experience of interior perfumes as an art of living.