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Stamp Day 2011 - Set

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Technical details
  • 09.09.2011
  • Nikola Žinić & Davor Bruketa, designers, Zagreb
  • -
  • Zrinski - Čakovec
  • Two-colour Offset Printing
  • 4 Colours
  • 29,82 x 35,50 mm
  • 0.41
About Stamp Day 2011

Stamp used for correspondence: on the occasion of the Stamp Day, in its jubilar, 20th year of publishing stamps, Croatian Post has decided to issue a stamp of a reinforced and unusual communication potential. The stamp has been used to mark the legitimacy of mail and payment for the service. It also had the task to present the system of power (the person of the ruler) in which it functioned. Yet, far away from the fully functioning world, still in times that appreciated the gifts of incidentality, the stamp has reached for the values of picture and has elaborated a rich communicational repertoire which we also use to date. In this way the stamp has arranged history in a new way, it has chosen great personalities from different nations, it has sent out the patterns of natural and artistic beauties into global exchange, evaluated the present and historised it, recognised the affinities and differences between countries and in thousand ways shed light over the condition humaine. It did so in the small format which encourages the concentration of the view and in a wide range of expressional shapes. As a genre of the history of fine arts, it has been developing with the spirit of time, evidencing its features. But, it has developed also its techniques: by making graphic techniques more perfect, by liberating forms - from the standard rectangular form to all kind of forms; by engaging also other sensory organs apart from the eye (scent, touch...). In the innovativeness of forms Croatian Post did not stay behind high international criteria. The same is true also for this stamp, a creation by the design studio Bruketa and Žinić, which uses the QR (quick response) code. QR is a surface code similar to the bar-code and can be decoded by mobile phone. By reading the code and the web address from the stamp at the same time the journey of the stamp, the length of the way it passed, the position on the Google map, the destination of other QR stamps, a series of data about the project, the gallery with data about Croatian postage stamps is being opened in front of us, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Croatian stamp. The users can add their own texts and pictures, different (e.g. tourist) information about the destination of the stamp etc. And transmit all that also to social networks. The stamp shows to what degree the traditional form and function can accommodate to new technologies, becoming an exciting, small treasury of dynamic contents. This product of a new reality marks in an indeed appropriate way the twenty years of efforts of Croatian Post to keep the pace with the rest oft he world, even more, to be slightly ahead. Seen through innocent eyes, the stamp by the authors Bruketa and Žinić is a playful composition of rectangular elements: a stopped moment of their reassignments, somewhat like magnetic lines of force of the strict magnetic field that changes the meaning by each its small movement. The one who does not know what is hidden beneath the surface will stop here. The one, who does not have the code or the reader, will know in vain. This stamp, as the perfect representative of its own (new) world has yet one old - one could say romantic message, for which the reader is a simple eye. How many compositions, rectangular and curving, how many structures - surface ones and multidimensional, all around us! A reticulate venation on a leaf, an ornament on a butterfly, a ring in a tree, lines in a palm! Not even to mention that what we approach by telescope or microscope! And by no chance we have decoded the codes! The stamp says: the world is a great secret which can, you see, be felt in a small format. Quick

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