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Aeronautic Federation - Set

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  • 06.06.2009
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About Aeronautic Federation

The roots of the Luxembourg Aeronautical Federation go back to the formation of the “Aéro-Club Luxembourgeois“, founded on 28th November 1909 in the Café du Commerce at the Place d’Armes in Luxembourg.
Its first project, after its creation, was to organise, in June 1910, an international week of aviation at Mondorf-les-Bains.
On this occasion, the Aéro-Club was able to achieve its first official goal: the popularisation of aeronautical knowledge and the control of the performances, a power it still holds today for all aeronautical and astronautical activities in the Grand Duchy.
At the present day, about 30 non-profit aeronautical associations and institutions form part of the Luxembourg Aeronautical Federation (FAL). Its main role is to coordinate, encourage, and support the efforts of affiliated clubs in matters of sport and recreation and to represent the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg on national and international issues as a member of the International Aeronautical Federation.
As part of the festivities for the Luxembourg aeronautical centenary, the Office des Timbres is issuing these special stamps whose design brings together the most important disciplines of Luxembourg aeronautics and the new airport building.

To celebrate the issuance of these stamps, a postal flight will be organised for the month of June 2009.