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Romanian Cities, Alba Iulia - Set

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Technical details
  • 27.11.2015
  • Radu Oltean
  • Offset
  • 4 Colours
  • Stamp size: 48 x 33 mm, Minisheet size: 106 x 124 mm, Block size: 130 x 182 mm (in philatelic album)
  • 3 Lei, 3.30 Lei, 8.10 Lei, 9.10 Lei
About Romanian Cities, Alba Iulia

Traces of human habitation were attested within the boundaries of the city of Alba Iulia, dating back to the Neolithic, proving Romania’s millennial history. The philatelic issue that Romfilatelia proposes to collectors is dedicated to the citadel city of Alba Iulia, the most important spiritual and cultural center of Transylvania.

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