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Year Book 2016 - Annual Product

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  • 31.12.2016
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About Year Book 2016

This beautiful coffee table book contains stamps issued by Israel in 2016 alongside stunning photography and interesting articles on the subject of the stamps.

The exquisite artwork of the stamps, and the varied subjects they express, make for a unique book on the Israeli experience!

The following issues are featured in this book:

Seasons in Israel
Memorial Day 2016
Israel Achievements Printing
Knesset Building, Jerusalem Jubilee
Markets in Israel
Israel - Spain Joint Issue/ 30 Years of Diplomatic Relations, Bridge of Strings, Jerusalem
Olympic Games, Rio 2016
Service Dogs
Festivals 2016 Yom Kippur Poem
Israel-Bulgaria Joint Issue /Bird Migration
Parables of the Sages
King Solomon’s Ships
Tourism in Jerusalem
Mosaics in Eretz Israel