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Andorran Diversity - Argentinian Community - Set

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  • 24.02.2017
  • Offset
  • 28.8 x 40.9 mm
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About Andorran Diversity - Argentinian Community

Andorra is a host country, where many immigrants of different nationalities live.This role of Andorra as a host country as a relevant phenomenon began during the decade of the thirties of the last century, with exiles fleeing first from the Spanish Civil War and later from the Franco dictatorship.Since then the migratory phenomenon has increased in number and the origin has diversified. While at first, these are basically people from nearby countries seeking political and economic stability, the migratory phenomenon has extended to communities in other parts of the world that see Andorra as an attractive place to settle, thanks to the good level of Life and the good economic situation that the country boasts.

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