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Personalities 2017 - Set

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  • 07.03.2017
  • Daniela Longo (I)
  • Bpost Stamps Factory, Malines (B)
  • Offset
  • 40,2 x 27,66 mm
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About Personalities 2017

Jean Jules Linden was a botanist of mixed Luxembourg and Belgian nationality. He is seen as one of the “fathers” of orchid research. At times he travelled with the famous researcher Alexander von Humboldt and during his trips, lasting around ten years in total, he sent a whole series of hitherto unknown plants back to Europe. In 1851 he made his way to Brussels, where he founded the horticultural society “L’Horticole Coloniale”. In Ghent and Brussels he built greenhouses and the famous “Promenade des Anglais” in Nice was laid out using palms cultivated by Linden.

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