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Europa 2017 - Castles - Set

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Technical details
  • 16.05.2017
  • Broll & Prascida
  • Héliogravure
  • 60 x 25 mm
  • 1.10€
About Europa 2017 - Castles

The Val de Loire offers a unique architectural ensemble that we owe to the Valois but also to the great figures of the kingdom.On the Indre is the small castle of Azay, an ancient fortified town burnt by King Charles VII. Rebuilt by a great financier, it is still unfinished when the king confiscates it. The new owner finds it so charming, it will retain its form of L. The various owners have worked hard to develop it and Azay is a beautiful jewel of what is made of the finest and delicate in the Renaissance. It is currently the object of a major renovation but still welcomes a large public.

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