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Old Fruit Varieties - Stone Fruit - (FDC Without Stamp) - FDC without stamp

FDC without stamp
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Technical details
  • 04.09.2017
  • Angelo Boog, Wallisellen
  • Gutenberg AG, Schaan
  • Offset 5-farbig CMYK & Gold
  • 50.807 x 44mm
About Old Fruit Varieties - Stone Fruit - (FDC Without Stamp)

Eight stamps with stone fruit printed together on one sheet represent the third and last part of the stamp series on old fruit varieties. To this end, the fruit “Mombacher Frühaprikose”, “Reine Claude Verte”, “Kirkespflaume”, “House Plum”, “Schauenburger Kirsche”, “Ungarische Beste” Apricot”, “Nancy Mirabelle” and “Gelbe Denise Kirsche” (each having a face value of CHF 1.00) are depicted accurate in every detail.

Stone fruit can be processed and enjoyed in many ways just like pome fruit. The Mombacher Frühaprikose, an apricot that is widespread in Europe, although unfortunately very sensitive to the cold, is versatile in the kitchen. It matures in the second half of July and is well-liked for its delicious taste. The home plum is also frequently found. It is a high-yield variety with a small fruit and a distinct aroma that also grows well at high altitudes. A Swiss hotel operator is supposed to have brought the Schauenburger cherry back from his travels in Lebanon around 100 years ago. It became the most important dessert cherry within a space of 40 years. However, as such it never met industrial processing requirements and is thus rarely found today.

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