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  • 19.12.2017
  • Joh. Enschede, The Netherlands
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About Integration into Society - (Tab Block)

Fifteen percent of the Israeli population, about 1.1 million adults and children, have disabilities. People with disabilities are an essential and integral part of society. It is our civic duty to promote true and full inclusion of disabled people in our society. Integration is a perfect expression of mutual responsibility, Zionism and love of Israel. There are many aspects to integration, but the most crucial is work. This was the basis of the historic law enacted on January 1, 2017 requiring an equal chance to integrate at least 5% of people with disabilities into every governmental organization of over 100 employees. This law will increase the inclusion of people with disabilities into the workforce and further their participation in the decision making process surrounding the people with disabilities, because they will be an integral part of the bodies that make those decisions. This law places Israel alongside the most enlightened countries in the world, such as the United States, Germany and other Western European countries. People with disabilities are wonderful employees who are dedicated to their jobs, extremely loyal to the organization, conscientious, anxious to prove themselves and immensely motivated. Technology allows them to overcome any disability, thus disabled employees can fulfill any position, including management. The State Comptroller determined that the Israeli economy loses five billion NIS annually due to under-representation of people with disabilities in the workforce. Integration does not have to stem from compassion, benevolence or pity, but rather from the recognition of the significant contribution that people with disabilities make to the State of Israel, to Israeli society and mainly to the growth of the Israeli economy. Disability is not limiting in any aspect – work, study, relationships and life in general. People with disabilities can do anything, including work and raising a family. We only need to give them the chance! This is the way to make Israeli society healthy and strong! This stamp issue expresses Israel's recognition of the importance of including people with disabilities in society and promoting their increased involvement in the life of the country; not only as those who receive but also and most importantly as those who want to give, contribute and share their talents with society and country.

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