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Lighthouses - Postcard

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Technical details
  • 17.03.2011
  • Örn Smári Gíslason
  • Joh. Enschedé Security Print
  • Offset Litho
  • 4-colour offset
  • 30 x 40 mm
  • 50g domestic
About Lighthouses

Langanes lighthouse. A lighthouse was established for the first time at Fontur in Langanes in 1910. This lighthouse was of the same type as those established the year before in Reykjanes and Öndverðarnes. In 1914 a 3m high iron-frame was erected and equipped with the lantern of the earlier lighthouse. A new lighthouse was built in Langanes in 1950. The lantern and gallery are of Swedish make, 3,5m high with a concrete foundation and a copper roof. The Langanes lighthouse is a concrete 6m high conical tower on a low foundation. Stokksnes lighthouse. At Stokksnes by Vestrahorn a 15m high iron-frame was erected in 1922 with a 3,5m high lantern. In 1946 a new lighthouse was built of concrete at Stokksnes. In 1958 a new lantern was installed along with concrete walls and a copper roof. A year later the lighthouse was powered by electricity for the first time, gas being used as an extra. The Stokksnes lighthouse is a triangular, conical 16m high tower. It was coated with light quartz and got a grey caulker finish in 1988. All lighthouses in Iceland are owned and operated by the Icelandic Maritime Administration. Original drawings of the lighthouses are on the backside of the self-adhesive stamp sheets.

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