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Trades and Crafts II - (Sheet Mint) - Full sheets

Full sheets
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Full sheets
GBP £41.34
Full sheets
GBP £41.34
Technical details
  • 05.03.2018
  • René Wolfinger, Balzers
  • Gutenberg AG, Schaan
  • Offset 3-farbig
  • 32 x 38 mm
  • 100CHF, 130CHF, 180CHF
About Trades and Crafts II - (Sheet Mint)

The series called into being in 2017 on the theme of trades and crafts as a SEPAC stamp is now featuring a second and last part. Graphic artist René Wolfinger chose to graphically represent the three motifs with pictograms and placed these on different coloured backgrounds. A common feature on each special stamp is a stylised hand to symbolise the theme of trades and crafts. The “Bookbinder” trade (face value: CHF 1.00) has been a widespread handicraft since the Middle Ages. Hand binding, gold coating, cutting and pressing are techniques that were done manually in the past with the aid of various tools. An “Instrument Maker” (face value: CHF 1.30) must also have skilful hands because in the end the customer frequently wants a perfectly tuned instrument. His daily tasks include sawing, planing and soldering. The tools required to make shoes, such as a hammer, knife and pliers, have hardly changed for centuries. However, today’s “shoemaker” (face value: CHF 1.80) also has access to efficient machinery.

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