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Commemorative 2018 - Set

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Technical details
  • 06.03.2018
  • Laura (L)
  • Bpost Stamps Factory (B)
  • Multicoloured high-resolution offset
  • Multicoloured
  • 40,20 x 27,66mm
  • €0.70
About Commemorative 2018

Since 1968, “SOS Kannerduerf Lëtzebuerg” has undertaken to support children whose natural development is at risk as a result of traumatic experiences such as physical abuse or neglect. At present, Kannerduerf Lëtzebuerg is monitoring some 300 children at its inpatient and outpatient facilities. “SOS Kannerduerf Lëtzebuerg” has decided to illustrate its 50th anniversary stamp with a picture drawn by a child living at Kannerduerf Lëtzebuerg. The more you believe in a child and see the best in them, the more they will ultimately believe in themselves.