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Experience Nature - Reptiles and Amphibians - Special Folder

Special Folder
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Technical details
  • 02.01.2018
  • Frank Janse, Gouda
  • Joh. Enschedé Security Print, Haarlem
  • Offset
  • 4 Colours
  • Stamp Size: 30 x 40 mm, Sheet Size: 170 x 122 mm
About Experience Nature - Reptiles and Amphibians

On 2 January 2018, PostNL will be issuing Experience nature – reptiles and amphibians, a sheetlet of ten stamps in ten different designs. The stamps are marked ‘Nederland 1’, the denomination for items up to 20g in weight destined for mail within the Netherlands. The issue is part of the new Experience nature series. This series consists of four stamp sheetlets with a total of 40 stamps, organised by season. The first stamp sheetlet, Experience nature – reptiles and amphibians, represents the winter. The issue dates for the other three sheetlets are 9 April 2018 (spring, wild flowers), 4 June 2018 (summer, insects) and 17 September 2018 (autumn, fungi). The photographs on the stamps come from the photography production company PIXFACTORY. A stamp sheetlet will cost you € 8.30 from a shop. The price of the whole series is € 33.20, including a storage folder. The Experience nature – reptiles and amphibians stamp sheetlet depicts ten reptiles and amphibians that we can encounter in our country. There are seven types of reptiles native to the Netherlands, including three species of snake and four species of lizards. Alongside these native species, there are a number of exotic, introduced species. Reptile habitats generally have little vegetation. Ideal habitats include heaths, transitional areas between forest and heath, and dilapidated walls and piles of stones. The reptiles depicted on the Experience nature stamps are the viviparous lizard, the adder, the smooth snake and the grass snake. In addition to the seven reptile species, there are 16 native amphibians, consisting of 11 frogs and five salamanders. Amphibians have three habitats: the breeding habitat in the water, the summer habitat where they feed and find shelter, and the winter habitat where they hibernate. The amphibians on the Experience nature stamps are the northern crested newt, the natterjack toad, the European tree frog, the yellow-bellied toad, the moor frog and the European common spadefoot toad.

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