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Europa 2018 - Bridges - Set

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Technical details
  • 20.04.2018
  • Laumenis
  • “Vaba Maa”, Estonia
  • Offset
  • 37 x 30mm
About Europa 2018 - Bridges

Trakai Castle Bridge - a pedestrian bridge on Lake Galvė leading to one of the larger islands - Castle Island in Trakai. The bridge connecting the city with the castle consists of two parts, among which the Karaim or Cowan Island. Castle bridge in Klaipėda – it was built instead of ferryboat across the river Dane on 1826. First it was a wooden bridge. The bridge connected the New Marketplace with the northern part of the rapidly developing part of the city. During the Second World War, bridge was destroyed. After the war it was reconstructing for 7 years. The last reconstruction of this bridge took place around 1974-1976.

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