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Europa 2018 - Bridges - Set

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Technical details
  • 22.05.2018
  • Sandrine Chimbaud
  • Heliogravure
  • 40.85 x 30 mm
  • €1.20
About Europa 2018 - Bridges

The bridge of Europe, the first road crossing again the border between the two cities, is in this respect emblematic of the tremendous momentum which will make it possible to reconstruct the links between the old enemies. A four-sided and two-side high-deck metal bridge, its sober and efficient architecture is the physical manifestation of the spirit of the European Coal and Steel Community: using common projects to reinvent a shared future. And when, in 1999, when the Council of Europe celebrates its 50th anniversary, the idea of ​​a park established on either side of the Rhine - the Garden of the Two Banks - emerges, the concept of a new footbridge is also born. Its realization is then entrusted to the architect Marc Mimram, the designer of many bridges which, from the Tuileries to Nantes, trace in the air elegant and aerial curves. The Deux Rives footbridge is faithful to this tradition, suspended from two protruding columns and allowing the two pedestrian and bicycle aprons to meet at the center of the river. This is where in 2009 NATO leaders chose to meet for a handshake celebrating the 60th anniversary of the alliance, again testifying to the symbolic power of the place.

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