Sport I - Winter Olympics - Vancouver 2010 - Set

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  • 12.02.2010
  • Dražen Jočić
  • 42,00X29,00mm
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About Sport I - Winter Olympics - Vancouver 2010

The XXI Winter Olympic Games will be hosted by Vancouver, Canada from the 12th by 28th of February 2010. More than 2,500 sportsmen from 80 countries throughout the World are going to compete at the XXI Winter Olympic Games in seven winter-sports, including 84 sports discipline. Montenegro will participate for the first time in the Winter Olympic Games. Our country will be represented by the young sportsman, Bojan Kosić in Alpine skiing. The very qualifying of Bojan Kosić, that is, his participation in this prestigious event is an enormous success for Montenegro, particularly because of the fact that out of 211 IOC Members, only some eighty countries will have their representatives at the Winter Olympic Games. Montenegro Post in items "Sports I - Winter Olympic Games - Vancouver 2010" issued by the two appropriate stamps and envelopes on the first day. The author of the conceptual design is Dražen Jočić.

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