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Great Moments in French History 2018 - Miniature Sheet

Miniature Sheet
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Technical details
  • 11.06.2018
  • Louis Boursier
  • Heliogravure
  • 210 x 200 mm
  • €5.20
About Great Moments in French History 2018

The Treaty of the Pyrenees formalized a peace concluded between the Spanish crown and France at the end of the Franco-Spanish war, begun in 1635 as part of the Thirty Years War (1618-1648), and continued during the Fronde.

It was signed November 7, 1659 on the island of Pheasants, in the middle of the coastal river Bidassoa which marks the border between the two kingdoms in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques. Kings Louis XIV and Philip IV were represented by their respective prime ministers, Cardinal Mazarin and Don Luis de Haro.

The treaty was accompanied by the marriage contract between the two ruling families, namely that of the Infanta Maria Theresa of Austria, eldest daughter of King Philip IV of Spain, with his cousin the King of France Louis XIV .

The background of the block is drawn detail of the print "" Interview of Louis XIV and Philip IV of Spain on the island of pheasants, preserved at the Museum of the Army in Paris, the stamp Treaty of Pyéréné is a detail of a reduced copy preserved in the museum of Tessé, Le Mans, according to the cardboard of the tapestry of Henri Testelin preserved at Versailles, the stamp Marie-Thérèse is taken from the Portrait of the Infanta Marie-Thérèse, of Velazquez, conserved at the Louvre Museum, Paris.