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Tourist stamps - Set

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Technical details
  • 26.01.2012
  • Oscar Bjarnason
  • Joh. Enschedé Security Print
  • Offset Litho (CMYK)
  • 35,00 x 24,7917 mm
  • 50g domestic
About Tourist stamps

A new stamp series has been planned to show the unique beauty of Icelandic nature. The Landmannalaugar area is a popular tourist destination east of the volcano Hekla. Tourists visit the area in summer, after which time the road is closed. Landmannalaugar are located close to natural geothermal hot springs, also popular with tourists. The area displays a number of unusual geological elements, like the multicolored rhyolite mountains and expansive lava fields which connect to one of Iceland‘s most active geothermal area. A popular walking path connects Landamannalaugar with ?oÅLrsmoÅNrk. Lake Hnausapollur is close to the road between Landmannalaugar and Sigalda. Hnausapollur is a 30 hectare lake in a crater which formed 1130 years ago in an explosive volcanic eruption. The colour of the lake is blue and the surface is about 570 m above sea level. There are small trouts in the lake attracting anglers

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