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500 Years of the Biedermann House - (Set Mint) - Set

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Technical details
  • 16.08.2018
  • Karin Beck, Planken
  • Royal Joh. Enschedé, Haarlem
  • Offset & Embossing
  • 4 Colours
  • 45 x 30.45 mm
  • CHF 2.00
About 500 Years of the Biedermann House - (Set Mint)

The “Biedermann House” (face value: CHF 2.00), named after a family that lived in it from 1814 to 1964, was built 500 years ago in Schellenberg, the smallest municipality in Liechtenstein in terms of size. The construction of the two-storey wooden building made out of square timber from coniferous wood and insulated with lichens and mosses is in keeping with modern Minergie building regulations.

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