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Congratulations Bouquet - Set

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  • 14.10.2018
About Congratulations Bouquet

A philatelic floral greeting

A very special stamp for a special occasion – the congratulations stamp is a colourful adornment for any letter.

There is no value printed on the new, illustrated congratulations stamp with its sumptuous bouquet, but it is valid for the pertinent standard inland rate. Stamps of this type have previously been issuedfor various occasions, as a “thank you”, for example, or as a stamp for sending expressions ofsympathy.

Flowers are always acceptable

Red and pink roses, white marguerite daisies, buds and green leaves – a beautiful flower arrangement presented as a bouquet blooms against a background of white and sky blue. Flowers are suitable for many occasions, whether as a gift on accepting an invitation, as a birthday present or simply to bring someone pleasure at any time. Be it a colourful, mixed, richly scented bouquet; an artistic flower arrangement in a tasteful colour or a single, particularly exquisite flower, everyone is sure to enjoy the pleasant attention of being greeted with flowers.

Since time immemorial roses have symbolised love. In the language of flowers, which was once acommonly used subtle means of conveying secret messages, a red rose says “I love you with all my heart.” Pink flowers in general symbolise tender, awakening love, whilst white flowers are a sign of purity and innocence. The simple daisy symbolises naturalness and shyness. Furthermore, romantic types are eagerly inclined to turn to the “flower oracle”: “he loves me, he loves me not...”, where thelast petal of the innocent flower reveals the fate of an uncertain love.

If you are not able to hand over a bouquet in person, you can always decorate a missive sent via the post with this congratulations stamp, thus giving it a very personal touch. Whether you are congratulating them on their birthday, for having passed an exam or on their wedding, a floral greeting on the stamp is sure to bring a smile to the lips of the recipient.