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Oslo European Green Capital 2019 - Set

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  • 14.01.2019
About Oslo European Green Capital 2019

Role model in Europe

The EU has named Oslo the European Green Capital for 2019, recognizing the city as one of Europe’s most ambitious and proactive cities.

Since 2010, the European Commission has named one city every year to serve as an inspiration and role model for a greener urban life. Among tight competition with 13 other cities, Oslo was named the European Green Capital for 2019.

In its role as a Green Capital, Oslo will help highlight the central role that cities play in living a greener life.

In its reasoning, the jury mentions in particular the holistic approach to the urban development efforts in Oslo, both in terms of the climate and the environment permeating throughout all political areas in the city – from health care to integration – and that Oslo has set a goal to be a city that promotes quality of life and puts people first.