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Bicentenary of the Accessionon of Honore V - Set Mint - Set

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Technical details
  • 18.02.2019
  • Cyril De La Patelliere
  • 5 Colours Steel-Engraving
  • 30 x 40.85 mm vertical
  • €2.10
About Bicentenary of the Accessionon of Honore V - Set Mint

The Son of Prince Honore IV and Louise d'Aumont, Duchess of Mazarin, Honore V was born in Paris in 1778. Upon the first Restoration in 1814, Honore V, then Hereditary Prince, was appointed a member of the Chamber of Peers by King Louis XVIII. He ruled over the Principality in he's father's name from 1815, eventually successing him on 16 May 1819, and reigning until he's death in 1841. He took a keen interest in legal matters, and consiberably developed Monegasque law. Honore V was a committed philanthropist, and also sought to diversify the Principality's economic resources.

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