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I Love You - Miniature Sheet

Miniature Sheet
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  • 24.04.2019
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About I Love You

A stamp for special occasions

It doesn’t matter whether it is meant romantically, directed at a family member or as a sign of friendship: the stamp block with the declaration of love “Ich hab dich lieb – von ganzemHerzen” (I love you with all my heart) will get your message across in a particularly charming way.

For the first time ever, Austrian Post is issuing a stamp bearing a declaration of love. The illustrated block of stamps comprises a standard denomination 80 cent stamp, plus an additional matching 10 cent stamp so that you can also send letters to loved ones abroad (within Europe).

Back in the day, the Roman poet Ovid used love letters as a way of communicating his feelings to his beloved, but the golden age of written declarations of love really began in the Romantic era. Even today, a hand-written love letter has lost none of its meaning; in fact, if anything, our digital age has made it even more special. Whether the declaration of love is written in verse form or in a simple but personal letter depends upon the literary skills of the writer. Inventive lovers are also happy to employ the skills of poetically giftedwriters, which is why the French poet Cyrano de Bergerac is often described as the “father of all ghostwriters”. Nowadays you can even use an online generator to draft a personalised love letter and then send it, although whether that can compete with a hand- written, romantic declaration of love remains questionable.

Love on a stamp

Spring and being in love have always gone together: nature re-awakens and everything starts to grow and bloom afresh. It is no coincidence that May is the most popular month for weddings. Fresh flowers also twine their way around this block of stamps, while birds tweet their declaration of love and colourful hearts symbolise the love being pledged here.

Romantic love aside, a stamp declaring “I love you” can be used for any kind of letter,birthday card or postcard, provided you are sending it to someone you love. It goes without saying that anybody receiving such a missive is sure to be delighted.