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Mariano Bertuchi Nieto - First Day Cover

First Day Cover
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First Day Cover
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Technical details
  • 27.03.2019
  • Offset & die cutting
  • 61.7 x 40.9 mm (stamps), 524.7 x 150 mm (sheet)
  • €5.20
About Mariano Bertuchi Nieto

Mariano Bertuchi Nieto (Granada, 1884 – Tetouan, Morocco, 1955) was a painter from an early age. From the start, he was interested in exotic North African scenes, which led to a general fascination with light and colour, views, people and places of the coast: Ceuta and northern Morocco. He would spend most of his life in Morocco, working for the Spanish government during the Protectorate in various posts, including inspector of the Fine Arts Services and director of Tetouan’s Art School and the Fine Art Preparatory School.

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