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Europa 2019 - Set

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Technical details
  • 07.05.2019
  • Johan de Crem (F)
  • -
  • Cartor Security Printing (F)
  • Offset Lithographie
  • Multicoloured
  • 45 x 33 mm
  • €0.80, €1.05
About Europa 2019

POST Luxembourg has decided to publish as EUROPA stamps the limited edition set which is available from 2018 to 2020 in collaboration with “natur&ëmwelt” and depicts Luxembourg’s rare bird species. To that end, they will be therefore be given the official logo. The number of EUROPA stamp motifs is limited to two (one national value and one European value). The set will therefore consist of two stamps this year. The stamps feature the common linnet and the yellowhammer. POST Luxembourg publishes this stamp with an augmented reality Function allowing us to access content designed exclusively for the stamp. Simply download the free Cee app.

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