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Konditorei Zauner - Set

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  • 29.06.2019
About Konditorei Zauner

Confectionery with a Long Tradition
For almost 200 years the Zauner Café and Cake Shop in Bad Ischl has been producing sweet treats, and Austrian Post is honouring the long-established company with a special stamp in the “Catering with tradition” series.

The Viennese confectioner Johann Zauner founded a trattoria in Bad Ischl in the Salzkammergut region in 1821. Eleven years later he opened the Konditorei Zauner café and cake shop pictured on the special stamp, now the company’s headquarters, in the Pfarrgasse. His grandson Viktor Zaunertook over the company as the third generation and led it to a period of growth and success. In 1927 the Café Esplanade on the banks of the Traun was added to the original business, nowadays operating as a grand café and restaurant. In 1958 the Ischler Törtchen were awarded a gold medal atthe World’s Fair in Brussels, and over the decades many further awards followed for a range ofZauner products at international confectionery competitions.

Today the Konditorei Zauner company is managed by Josef Zauner as the sixth generation of the founding family. In 1980 the former k. u. k. Hofzuckerbäckerei and today’s Konditorei Zauner wasgranted the right to display the coat of arms of the Republic of Austria. In addition to the classic Zaunerstollen, Zaunerkipferl and Zauner Oblaten, the confectioners also produce exclusive gateaux and cakes such as their Kaisertorte and fine chocolates such as the Zauner Baronesserl.

The Famous Zaunerstollen
In 1905, under the management of Viktor Zauner, the famous Zaunerstollen was invented, with a unique story behind it: the confectioner Josef Nickerl created the exquisite Ischl wafers for Zauner,which are still one of the company’s most popular products to this day. During the baking process any wafers which were not perfectly shaped were rejected. This produced a large quantity of broken but otherwise perfect wafers, which Nickerl was loath to simply throw away. He mixed the broken wafers with a hazelnut and chocolate mixture and shaped them into small macaroons, which were a roaring success. Working together with Viktor Zauner, Nickerl optimised the shape of the new product and coated it in a smooth chocolate covering, and it was in this way that the Zaunerstollen, still a symbol of the highest quality confectioner's craft, was created.