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Film Series 'Olsenbanden 50th Anniversary' - Set

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  • 08.06.2019
About Film Series 'Olsenbanden 50th Anniversary'

A Cinema Success

The stories about Egon Olsen and the frustrated policeman Hermansen has captured the imagination of the entire Norwegian audience for 50 years.

Even though they break into safes, steal, and try to pull off the ultimate heist, the Olsenbanden gang are also good-natured crooks with traits that remind us of most ordinary people. Maybe it is because we do see ourselves in them that the films still feel relevant after 50 years.

Olsenbandenwas originally a Danish film series. Norwegian director Knut Bohwimdecided to create a Norwegian version. Olsenbanden - Operasjon Egonpremiered on 11 August1969and was a major cinema success. The Olsenbanden films in Norway became a success in their own right, with a total of 13 films released up to 1984. In 1999 the gang made a comeback with the 14th and last film, Olsenbandens siste kupp.